Find a property in Norwich

Find a property in Norwich

Welcome to the official Home Run property website, coordinated by the Union of UEA Students. Here you can search our list of accredited properties as well as use the message board to find housemates or offer rooms.

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Home Run housing service

Find a property in Norwich

Home Run is the only official service that is dedicated to helping UEA students find good quality & affordable private sector accommodation in Norwich. The service is owned and run by UEA Student's Union and is partnered with UEA and Marks out of Tenancy. Home Run ensures that students are in the best position possible when looking to secure a home and offers the largest listing of student housing in the region. The Home Run housing list currently has 800+ accredited properties, offering in excess of 2000 bed spaces throughout Norwich.


Our expectation is all of our accredited partners uphold our ethical and moral values, we wish to empower our student tenants and prepare them for renting in the private sector long after they have graduated and moved on from higher education. Accredited partners should take a sensitive and measured approach when dealing with tenant-related issues, we believe this is vital in ensuring a positive working relationship between the landlord/agency and tenant.


Located in Norwich, which is situated in the east of England, the University of East Anglia caters for more than 13,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Student accommodation is available throughout the whole of Norwich and caters for various needs. Accommodation for students in Norwich includes shared houses, lodgings, student flats and studio apartments.